Lap steel virtuoso and vocal stylist, Patti Maxine has become a household word in Santa Cruz area as well as Hawaiian circles. A musical Swiss army knife, she handles a variety of styles with ease, sliding gracefully from Hawaiian to swing, from R&B and rock, from blues to jazz and back again.  She has played with countless bands, established and up-and-coming musicians and visiting Hawaiian players.   Audiences love her incredible musicianship and unique vocal interpretation along with her comfortable and fun stage presence, and undeniable oneness with her music. She always leaves 'em wanting more.   

Her achievements include: World Championship Steel Guitar 1955 (Ohio - age 17!), induction in Sacramento Western Swing Society Hall of Fame in 2011,  Gail Rich award 2017,  San Lorenzo Valley Woman of the Year 2018,  Good Times cover story 2018, and participation as a master player at the Lap Steel Festival on Maui from 2014-2018. 

Patti began her lifelong love affair with lap steel guitar and Hawaiian music as a young girl in Roanoke, Virginia studying with lap steel master Elmer Ridenhour. Recognizing her gift, Elmer had her performing after a month of lessons.  Patti has played in Santa Cruz as a solo artist or in collaborations since her arrival in 1970.   Some of the bands include: Smith, Richards and Frye (she changed her name from Patti Smith to Maxine along the way), Sister Star, Saddle Up and Boogie, Word of Mouth, Island Breeze, 'Em two Gurlz,  Sherry Austin with HenHouse, and Jazz the Dog.  She was a familiar figure at Roaring Camp RR for 30 years playing on the General Store porch.  Patti has recorded or performed with artists including John Cruz, Cyril Pahanui, Eddie Kamae, Patrick Landeza, Pipa Pinon, Mary McCaslin, Nina Gerber and Chris Webster, Christie McCarthy, Kingston Trio, Josh Lowe, Tracy Parker, Sharon Allen, Carolyn Sills combo, and most recently Anthony Arya.